The Jazz Club
     Bulman was inspired to create these vibrant paintings from visiting 
   New Orleans jazz clubs.
"Hot Trombone" Ca. 1963 (Private Collection)
"Hot Horn"  ca. 1966 (Morris Collection)
"Hot Horn" ca. 1966 (Morris Collection)
"Hot Horn" ca. 1966 (Morris Collection)
"Hot Horn"  ca. 1963 (Grand Rapids Art Museum)
"Hot Horn" ca. 1966 (Morris Collection)
"These paintings...are wonderfully evocative of an era in jazz music that is fast disappearing in
 the glare of today's commercialism." - Grand Rapids publication clipping, circa 1960s.
"I poked into a small bistro in New Orleans and saw this big guy beating it out.  The hard and solid roll of his left hand was a wonderful contrast to the feathering touch of his right. He was sending his pals and he sent me too." -- Orville Bulman, 1952, concerning  a drummer at a jazz club in New Orleans.