Buying and Selling Paintings by Orville Bulman
     Edward and Deborah Pollack Fine Art almost always have Orville Bulman paintings for sale. If you are interested in purchasing works by Orville Bulman, please view a few selections here  or contact the gallery. Edward and Deborah Pollack are foremost in the purchase of oil paintings by Orville Bulman as well. As prominent collectors and dealers of Bulman's work, and in business for over thirty-five years, they provide excellent service, accurate information and prompt payment. If you would like them to view a painting that you own, please send and image or photo via e-mail or post. Include the dimensions without the frame, an image of the signature and that of the back. Please also include your telephone number. They will then carefully review the painting and discuss it with you. Or, you may simply contact them by telephone and describe the painting in detail. Edward or Deborah Pollack will be happy to assist you. 
"Wanted to buy: Orville Bulman Paintings!"
Orville Bulman Paintings For Sale
The gallery continually has Orville Bulman paintings for sale. Please visit or contact Edward and Deborah Pollack Fine Art for more details.