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The Jungle
Rising Moon (Private collection)
Jungle Scene 1967  (Detail)
Jungle Scene, 1967  (Detail)
                                  Jungle Scene, 1967  (Detail)
Jungle Scene, 1967  (Detail)
Jungle Scene, 1967 (Private collection)
Le Concert, circa 1968 (Private collection)
Une Agreable Rencontre 1969 (Private collection)
La Pique-nique 1963 (Private collection)
La Princesse Arrives (Private collection)
Les Spectateurs, 1967 (Private collection)
"Actually, Bulman is a careful, positive, meticulous sophisticate who paints in a primitive manner. His canvases grow larger each year and the atmosphere remains joyous and affectionate.." The Christian Science Monitor, 1969.
"I only like to do whatever is coming out of my own imagination--my mistress has many moods and I just follow her along... I believe I am trapped in this world of jungles...but there has never been a more contented or enthusiastic prisoner." --Orville Bulman