The Midwest
In striking contrast to the warm, colorful Caribbean fantasies, Bulman created many scenes of cold, sometimes distressed, and often Victorian edifices of Grand Rapids and northern Michigan.
"Happy's Place" 1975 (Private Collection)
"Summer Abstract" 
"From the Freeway" (Grand Rapids Art Museum)
"The House I Remember" (Private Collection)
"A House I Remember" (Bulman Family Photographs)
"The Cottage" (Private Collection)
"Perhaps his genius touches its apex in his unfailing injection of mood and atmosphere into each canvas - details so innocent in themselves but in sum total suddenly strikes home with a devastating effect to the gravity of the observer"
Eleanor Jewett, critic for the Chicago Tribune, 1955 "I think the nostalgia goes back to my childhood. 
I have a tenderness that comes out once in a while." --Orville Bulman