Orville Bulman at the Book Expo America in New York City -
 An exchange of ideas and books in the African American section of Book Expo America.
Todd and Chris Wooten with Deborah C. Pollack at BEA in New York - Deborah bought Todd's book about race and sex in America and Chris bought Deborah Pollack's book, Orville Bulman: An Enchanted Life and Fantastic Legacy for his daughter. A lively discussion and a meeting of minds ensued
 and a great time was had by all! Thank you Todd and Chris! 
Juanita's Soul Classics: A great cookbook from an Oville Bulman fan, Juanita Bass -
Click on her picture to visit her site.
Robert Dillingham, the handsome gentleman on the left, bought 4 Bulman books at the standing-room-only Florida
 Voices lecture and book signing. He heads a State Farm Insurance agency. To the right of Deborah Pollack is Charlie Boyer (publisher of a jazz magazine), and Bunnie Stevens.

And another lovely African American woman confided that she saved up for a year to buy a Bulman painting. She has great taste!
Orville Bulman: A Legacy of Uniting People Through Beautiful Art
Above is just an example of the many people of all ethnicities who love Bulman's art. More to come....
Multicultural Appreciation for Orville Bulman 
This elegant gentleman from Haiti, Mr. Besner Olivier, is a new Bulman fan.
Yet another fan of Bulman is glamorous model, artist and nurse, Sarhajen Ferguson, who lit up our Orville Bulman Exhibition 
with her stunning beauty.
Beautiful Palm Beach attorney, Nisha Wright, who is of Indian heritage, finds
Bulman's work "stunning."